30th birthday fundraiser! Help me with a donation for girls inTanzania

Marrijtje Molenhuis
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Sport always gives me a smile on my face and positive energy! It brought me life lessons en made me the person who I am today. Sports is so much more. I believe that everyone needs to get this opportunity no matter where you are born in the world.

Sadly it doesn’t work like that, especially for girls. That is why I want to start a fundraiser for my birthday and give back so we can make a change. I want to help two Tanzanian women coaches to take part in a women empowerment program in collaboration with Volleyball4Life, Women Win, TAVA, and Let’s Keep The Ball Flying. We will support and educate them to provide women and girls with empowering tools and skills in combination with volleyball.

They can use their new skills in the community programs in Tanzania that we help them set up. These community programs will aim at 12-28-year-old girls to gain tools and skills to assert themselves and make their own decisions. Why so important? Because these girls hardly ever have the chance to make decisions about their own lives and bodies, are more often economically dependent, and face domestic and sexual violence.

It is time to make a change and empower women and girls using the power of volleyball! With your support, we can cover transportation and finish the shipment of extra equipment, balls, and gear. In collaboration with the Tanzania Volleyball Association, (TAVA) and Home Life Sports in Tanzania, we can start building the community programs.

I ask your help to donate whatever you can miss so that together we can bring a smile to the faces of all these young girls. Thank you so much!

To get an idea of a similar project that is already running successfully in Nepal, please visit our blog page about Volleyball4Life in Nepal.

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