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To Give a chance to youth to expose their Volleyball Tallent for Extra Exposure to achieve their Dreams in Volleyball.

From the LKTBF Blog about Tanzania

Still young in his career, Six decided to start his volleyball club in Tanzania to set an example in building awareness of the power of volleyball.

"Volleyball can change people's lives, and I believe we should create more awareness of the power of sports."

Six started his volleyball club in the northern region of Tanzania, inspired by the Kilimanjaro mountain and victoria lake. He named his club Kilimagnet, combining two words. Kili, as in Kilimanjaro, where the club was founded, and Magnet, as an ability of a magnet to attract opportunity. Therefore he wants to set an example and attract opportunities for the volleyball community.

Some of Kilimagnet's principles are:

  • To provide a safe environment for all to play volleyball

  • Provide opportunities for all players to reach their potential

  • To introduce more people to the power of volleyball

  • Promote gender balance and women empowerment in their community

Six hopes to find new sponsors supporting him setting the right example and make an impact using the power of volleyball.

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