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Volleyball Clubs, Schools, and Universities in the Sunshine State Collaborate to Support Project Tanzania 

Let’s Keep The Ball Flying is a nonprofit organization that helps give individuals in less fortunate situations the opportunity to learn and connect through the sport of volleyball. Let's Keep the Ball Flying creates a meaningful way to give back to our community as together we reflect more often on what volleyball has brought us all: meaningful friendships, wonderful travels, important life lessons, and unforgettable memories. Many children can't play volleyball because they simply don't have the equipment or were born in the wrong place and we believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to experience the power of volleyball.

Tanzania is a beautiful country located in the East of Africa, but it also a country that is economically not as stable as the United States. Because we live in a free and stable nation, sometimes we lose sight of the differences in sport across countries. Unfortunately, in some places such as Tanzania, citizens do not have access to these basic tools. That is why we are reaching out for your help. As a part of the volleyball community, we understand the power of this sport in engaging a community, helping people become healthy and happy, as well as develop strong leaders and individuals.

Females in America are very fortunate that we have equal opportunities with men to play sports. In some countries, gender roles hinder women's opportunities in sport. One of the main focuses of this organization is to empower women and find confidence within themselves. As a female athlete, I know the power volleyball has to help us become stronger people. 

Let's Keep The Ball Flying supports the East African Volleyball Championships in Mwanza, Tanzania. Thirty-two teams in the 9 to 30-year-old age range are participating in this event. The goal of the tournament is to inspire youth enthusiasm about our beautiful sport.

For girls, participating in sports is not easily accessible and accepted worldwide. During this tournament, extra attention will be given to the role of females in sports.

Typically for these events, everyone wears his or her own apparel. This time, we want to provide all players and referees with clothes donated from clubs in the Netherlands, Denmark, and our sunshine state of Florida. After the tournament, we will make sure to redistribute all the materials back into the regions to support local volleyball schools. Donations will also be applied to workshops, which will be organized to aid the coaches in Tanzania. In addition, local ambassadors will be trained to independently create content and spread equality within the sport of volleyball.


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€103 19-06-2021 | 20:51 Lekker bezig nichtje. Wij zijn enorm trots op jou en alles wat je doet ! Zet hem op daar ! Je oom Chris en tante Suus en je nichtjes.
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€15 15-04-2021 | 10:24 Wat ben jij een wereldreiziger zeg! Ik hoor er altijd veel over van je moeder.... succes met dit mooie project!
€100 13-04-2021 | 14:37 Thanking Ruth for all her efforts and the good things she does....Hugs from her "USA grandmother"