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Aleksandrs Samoilovs
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After receiving many wishes to participate in New Year’s camp, we are glad to have our first New Year’s camp in a magnificent destination: Bali, Indonesia! Did you know that Volleyball is the national sport of Bali? Volleyball is played on every hidden street corner of the island and its people are in desperate need of extra balls to play. 

Last year in our Zanzibar camp we did a fundraiser to support David and his Play Positive Academy. This year is special, as we are collaborating with Let's Keep The Ball Flying to support the local community here in Bali. LKTBF's founder Lesley de Jonge is one of our guest coaches this year!

Let's make it a special New Years and reflect with gratitude together on how Volleyball has made an incredible impact in our lives. This is an opportunity to give back as the Beach Box Community!

Special Prizes

We will give away special prizes for camp participants who donate and the money will be used to buy and share equipment for the local volleyball community here in Bali. 

  • The highest donation will win a signed match jersey of Aleksandrs Samoilovs
  • All other donors participate in the chance to win a signed beach volleyball
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