Volley Beyond Borders Lebanon

Erwin Sikkema
from €4.000 (72%)

In Lebanon, nearly all children under 18 have experienced some degree of trauma. Defence for Children Lebanon (DCI) offers these children all kinds of support to heal mentally and physically. In collaboration with Twinx and DCI, Let's Keep the Ball Flying wants to add value by offering a sustainable volleyball program to these children.

Within the chosen neighbourhood, over 150.000 refugees live with only two playgrounds to play on. We want to offer these children a safe place to play sports and find joy in life.

We want to make a difference, from encouraging a healthier lifestyle to developing all kinds of life skills. Once the children are familiar with the place, DCI will offer their unique MHPSS trauma support system.

I will go to Beirut to build and startup this program for a month and train locally involved people to continue to offer this program sustainably. 

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€25 09-08-2023 | 11:29
€50 08-08-2023 | 18:35 Een mooie, warme actie van mijn “collega’s/vrienden” van Twinx: kinderen die in soms erbarmelijke omstandigheden verkeren, blij maken met passie voor sport! Daarbij die brede smile van Elmar, dan wil je gewoon een steentje bijdragen! Toppers 👍💪☀️
€15 15-07-2023 | 21:29 Trots op jou! X
€15 04-07-2023 | 16:12
€5 27-06-2023 | 21:44 Wat een gaaf initiatief Erwin, succes!