Walking Beyond Borders

Marloes Lugtenberg
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The 4Days Marches in Nijmegen, almost every Dutch person knows about this event. A lot of people walk 30, 40 or 50 km for four days in a row. Just because they choose to. For fun and achievement.
So imagine, you have to walk these distances involuntarily, because you have to flee from your living area. Leaving everything you called 'home', because staying is unsafe for you and/or your family. Walking for days and days on dangerous routes where you literally risk your life. 
A lot of these people end up in refugee camps all over the world and have to experience all kinds of stress inducing situations. Let’s Keep The Ball Flying’s Volley Beyond Borders strives to support these people with volleyball and leadership programs to connect them, shortly forget about their situation and support them in their future life. 

From 18-21 July I will participate in the Nijmegen 4Days Marches and raise money for Volley Beyond Borders. 

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