Colombia Impact Tour

Qionah Mardenborough

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Join me on a journey to various local volleyball programs in Colombia with the aim of supporting, connecting, and uniting with local communities through the sport of volleyball by organizing volleyball clinics, meeting with ambassadors and capturing inspiring stories.

As part of this experience, I will be maintaining a blog to keep everyone updated about all that we are doing and the progress made. I started my graduation internship at Lets Keep The Ball Flying as a full-time volunteer, and now I want to wrap it up with this impactful trip, where your support becomes invaluable.

Our primary focus will be on the Volley4Peace program in Cali. I'll work on showcasing the program's special moments, forming meaningful connections, and sharing inspiring stories through various media and blogs. Most importantly, our goal is to share the love of volleyball with the local community. While the main focus remains on the program in Cali, our journey won't stop there. We will also visit other projects in Colombia, partnering with local ambassadors to make an even broader impact.

Help me make this possible by donating to this amazing opportunity, your contribution will serve a dual purpose: part of the funds will help cover my travel expenses, allowing me to actively participate in the project's preparations, which began in October. The remainder of the funds will be dedicated to essential equipment and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the project.

The Volley4Peace project is not just a short-term endeavour; it's a 10-month journey that kicks off in May 2024. Your generosity will play a vital role in making this initiative successful and impactful.

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